Grades 1-3

In the lower grades, the class teacher presents lessons to stir and activate the imagination and feelings of the child. The practice in a Waldorf school is that the same teacher continues with the class from grade to grade, in some cases for all eight years. This affords the class teacher the opportunity to know the children to a great depth and to appreciate their individual qualities.

Lower school brings structured study to the life of the child. All grades begin each class day with a main lesson, two hours that focus on a core subject for a four-week block. The Waldorf approach allows a teacher to meet different learning styles. Students compose main lesson books with illustrations and text that detail each subject. This reinforces learning by having the child recreate their lessons. Lower school teachers are trained to meet the intellectual, physical, and emotional readiness of each student, whether or not the student attended our preschool. Some activities related to the lower grades curriculum include:


  • Pictorial introduction to the alphabet, writing, reading, spelling, poetry and drama
  • Folk and fairy tales, fables, legends, Old Testament stories
  • Numbers, basic mathematic processes such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Nature stories and gardening


For the complete curriculum for grades 1-3, see our curriculum overview.



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