Governance Overview

Waldorf schools do not have a traditional hierarchical structure. Instead they are composed of three interrelated spheres:  the Board of Trustees (comprised mainly of parents), the Faculty and the Administrative staff, and the Family Association (similar to a PTA).  All have as their top priority the welfare of the children.

The Faculty is primarily responsible for bringing the content and principles of the Waldorf curriculum to life in the classrooms, as well as in the day to day operation of the school as a whole. The Faculty carries out the daily pedagogical and administrative business of the Alabama Waldorf School. The Faculty is composed of Nursery, Kindergarten, Grades, and Extended Care teachers. The various programs have representation on the College of Teachers which holds the spiritual and practical ideals of the school and facilitates communication between the different teams. The Administrative Staff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the school.  All school business that is not related to pedagogy is managed or coordinated through the administrative offices, including finance, enrollment, development, operations, public relations and marketing.  The administrative staff ensures adherence to governmental policies as well as accreditation standards. 

The Family Association is composed of parents/guardians of enrolled students; their role in the school begins with a commitment to the financial support of the school and the willingness to support the work of the teacher. Bringing the students ready for school each morning, picking them up on time, and providing a home environment that supports Waldorf Education are fundamental. The teachers may request volunteer support in the classroom and help with field trips, festivals, and other school activities. The Family Association (FA) meets monthly and is the main vehicle for parent involvement in the school. Every parent is a member of the FA. Active involvement is encouraged and welcomed. The FA handles communications through the room parents, and organizes activities such as fundraisers and work days to benefit the school.  See the Family pages portion of this website for more information about parent involvement at Alabama Waldorf School.

The Board of Trustees is entrusted with making sound decisions for the school as a whole that are in keeping with the philosophy and principles of Waldorf Education. In collaboration with the larger school community, it develops a strategic plan that expresses the school's mission, vision and goals.  It ensures that the school adopts and follows a strategy for achieving its goals..  The Board is also responsible for creating policies that ensure the legal and financial health of the school.  It is composed of competent and committed parents, as well as members of the Faculty  and the wider school community.

Part of the governance of the school is the Parent Handbook.

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