About AWS

Located in the former Comer public school building, Alabama Waldorf School has grown from one classroom in the basement of the founder's home in 1987 to a Preschool-Grade 8 school serving 130 children and employing over 20 professionally trained faculty and staff.
Alabama Waldorf School graduates attend:
Indian Springs School
Altamont School
Jefferson County International Baccalaureate School
Alabama School of Fine Arts
Shades Valley Theater Academy/Visual Arts Academy/Finance Academy
Hoover, Homewood, Spain Park, Clay Chalkville, and Vestavia Public Schools
Auburn University
Appalachian State University
Rochester Institute of Technology
University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Preschool Program
- Serves children ages 2 to 6 in multi-age classes with a home-like environment that encourages play, imagination, and social interaction. 
-A predictable daily routine provides security and inspires confidence in the child to explore his/her surroundings.
-Absorbing the world primarily through their senses, toys made of natural materials are inviting and open-ended, serving many roles in the child's imaginative play.
-Academic skills are embedded in the experiential curriculum – building vocabulary with the rich language of circle time, counting to set the snack table, observing the changes in seasons during nature walks, and categorizing objects during tidy up time. 
-Moving into the grades, they learn more about what they have already experienced and internalized.

Elementary and Middle Grades
-1st through 8th grades utilize a proven curriculum that provides a rich and deep academic foundation, which includes math, language arts, history, foreign language, and sciences, but is enlivened by the arts (drawing, painting, music, handwork, movement).
-Learning is experiential alllowing students to internalize natural laws and functions, so as to cultivate intellectual and creative ownership of the material.
-Students create their own "textbooks" combining art with academics for a whole-brain learning experience. 
-Practical skills such as cooking, farming, sewing, and carpentry, are seamlessly woven into the curriculum.
-The rigorous middle school curriculum includes organic and inorganic chemistry, physics, geology, meteorology, and astronomy, in addition to the continuation of the previously mentioned subjects.
-Often, a teacher has "looped up" with a class and knows how to reach the class efficiently and effectively. 


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