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Materials for the week of April 13 - 17

Circle - Adam He Had Seven Sons

Once a week, the kindergarten does a “Game Circle,” which always adds some levity and fun to the day. This week, we share with you a game circle by Ms. Andrea called, “Adam, he had Seven Sons.” We hope you enjoy this video of Ms. Andrea demonstrating how to play, and have fun sharing this Game Circle with your child!




Ms. Andrea’s Guacamole
4-5 avocados
lime or lemon juice
3-4 sweet peppers
cilantro (as much as you like)


Cut the avocados in half and remove the pit. Allow the children to scrape the insides into a bowl and piece off the cilantro and add in. Dice the peppers and add them in. The children can now mash the ingredients together with a fork. Add fresh lime or lemon juice to taste. Bring out the tortilla chips or pita bread. Enjoy!!! Mmmmgood

Story - Puppet Play of Bremen Town Musicians

After verbally sharing a story with the children many times, we then offer it to them again with a puppet play. They love this and many enjoy helping set up the “stage” and/or helping the teacher during the play by handing us the props at appropriate times. Your child may enjoy helping you with a puppet play or they may even want to do it all by themselves while you narrate. Have fun getting creative with the things you have at home to create a play for your whole family to enjoy.

Later in the Day

Here is a game that the children staying for extended care enjoyed playing in the afternoons. We have only played it a few times, so it is still relatively new for them.

As you say each animal, the child/children pretend to be that animal. Give them a little time to act out each animal before moving on to the next one. When you say “me,” the child/children must freeze. Say the words to your own easy rhythm.


In the oceans, whales and sharks

In the lakes, eels

In the ponds, ducks that tip

And in the puddle, me!


In the forests, rabbits and bears

In the streams, frogs

In the trees, birds who sing

And on the earth, me!


Repeat as much as you like. Once you’ve mastered the lines, you could mix it up by adding more places and animals.


A Little Something Else


The Kindergarten has six birthdays to celebrate! Since we are not able to properly celebrate these special days in the classroom, we have asked the families of the birthday girls and boys if we may share their addresses with our parents. They said, yes!


When we celebrate in class, each child colors a picture for the birthday boy or girl. Then we put them together to make a little birthday book of pictures for the child. If you would like to send a little gift, all you need is paper, crayons, and an image of the boy or girl in your mind. When you are ready to mail your drawing, you can find the addresses in the email that was sent to you today or in the school directory which you all have access to through the AWS website.


Claire Dean 3/29               
Atlas Henderson 4/14       
Ida Mae Wyatt 4/29
Anders Jackson 5/18      
Agnes Evans 6/1              
Ryan McCarty 7/19


We hope this helps brighten your week. Remember, these are only suggestions, not assignments! Every family is different. How your family chooses to use these ideas is totally up to you. Never forget that you are your child’s first and best teachers. Thanks to all of you who have written letters supporting us and the principles of Waldorf education. It really meant a lot to us to have that encouragement. Keep in touch and see you on Zoom!




Ashley, Ben, Andrea, Jennifer, and Kristen

Materials for the week of April 6 - 10
Chalk and water.jpg

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Week Two of AWS’s Kindergarten at Home. We hope that your first week went well and that this one will too. Remember, these are only suggestions. The important thing is to keep a happy rhythm that includes plenty of outdoor free play.


Outdoor activities/free play: 


1. Painting with Chalk
Chalk drawing/painting is a fun activity for every preschooler. In summer we love taking the children outside and watching them enjoy rubbing the chalk onto the dry pavement to get soft dust. One day the children decided to add water to their dust, and how excited they were to see the colors of the chalk mix together. This activity kept them busy and happy for a long time.


2. Several of you mentioned taking walks. This is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. Here are some ideas to vary your walks.

• Try moving different ways: take giant steps and baby steps, tiptoe, gallop, march, run, crawl, use a log as a balance beam, straddle a ditch, walk backwards or skip. The possibilities are endless.

• Sing while you walk using the song “I met a man” from our circle.

• Find a quiet spot and sit for a few minutes listening for city sounds and country sounds.

• Take the same walk next week and notice what has changed.


Circle Time

Continued from last week's circle (this enforces Language Arts learning through the oral tradition of storytelling where the repetition enables children to learn and memorize verses)

Download PDF  







Oatmeal Recipe like Ms. Ashley makes at school (I've tried to adjust this the best I can from making a huge pot to feed both classes to a small serving for you at home. This will probably feed 2 people, unless your little one is really hungry and loves it!)

This recipe is for standard rolled oats. If you use quick oats or steel cut oats, follow the directions on those containers for amount of liquid and cooking time. Other than that, you can follow the rest of this recipe.



1 cup oats

2 cups water

1Tablespoon oil or butter (at school we use coconut oil)

1-2 teaspoons maple syrup

A pinch of salt

Optional ingredients: Raisins, Fresh fruit, 1-2 teaspoons of peanut or almond butter (at school I have only used almond butter but only when available. At home, I prefer the peanut butter)


  1. Add water, oats, oil and salt together in a pot and bring to a boil.

  2. Stir and turn to low-medium heat

  3. Cook with occasional stirring for about 5 minutes or until thickened.

  4. Remove oatmeal from the heat source and while still hot, add the optional ingredients, if desired and available. 

  5. Enjoy!


Some students prefer it without the raisins or fruit but I have seen many put their blueberries, strawberries, apple pieces and banana bites in their bowl once served to them. Just ask them; they know what they prefer.


Inside Activities / Crafts / Free play


In the AWS kindergarten we do lots of coloring, for birthday books, an available free play activity, and together as a whole class several times a month. To protect our beautiful table, the children use homemade mats underneath their paper. This allows them the freedom to use broad strokes without the worry of coloring on the furniture.


These mats are easy to make and you may consider helping your child make one to use at home.


Here's how:


  1. Cut 2 pieces of 11x14 poster board (Really you could use any size as long as it is larger than the paper they are working on)

  2. Take 4 pages from a newspaper and fold in half. (If too big, you can trim)

  3. Place folded newspapers between the 2 pieces of poster board

  4. Use painters tape to tape around all 4 sides, taping one side at a time. The edges of the mat will be in the middle of the tape and then fold tape down on both sides, closing all edges to hold newspaper inside.

  5. Enjoy at home.


Your child will love the idea of having their own

coloring mat at home, just like they use at school.


How to make naturally-dyed Easter eggs:


You will need:

hard boiled eggs. White vinegar. Your choice of natural materials such as chopped purple cabbage, red onion skins, shredded beets, turmeric, or red zinger tea.


Procedure: For all vegetables use 1 cup water to 1 cup vegetables, for turmeric use 2 tablespoons with 1 cup water. For tea use 1 bag for 1 cup water. Simmer the chosen dye ingredient in 1 cup water for 30 minutes. Cool, add 1tablespoon vinegar and submerge egg for as long as desired, even overnight!



Story: The Bremen Town Musicians by the Grimm Brothers

A certain man had a donkey, which had carried the corn-sacks to the mill indefatigably for many a long year. But his strength was going, and he was growing more and more unfit for work. Then his master began to consider how he might best save his keep. But the donkey, seeing that no good wind was blowing, ran away and set out on the road to Bremen. There, he thought, I can surely be a town-musician.

When he had walked some distance, he found a hound lying on the road, gasping like one who had run till he was tired. What are you gasping so for, you big fellow, asked the donkey.


"Ah," replied the hound, as I am old, and daily grow weaker, and no longer can hunt, my master wanted to kill me, so I took to flight, but now how am I to earn my bread."


"I tell you what," said the donkey, "I am going to Bremen, and shall be town-musician there. Go with me and engage yourself also as a musician. I will play the lute, and you shall beat the kettle-drum."


The hound agreed, and on they went. Before long they came to a cat, sitting on the path, with a face like three rainy days. "Now then, old shaver, what has gone askew with you," asked the donkey.


"Who can be merry when his neck is in danger," answered the cat. "Because I am now getting old, and my teeth are worn to stumps, and I prefer to sit by the fire and spin, rather than hunt about after mice, my mistress wanted to drown me, so I ran away. But now good advice is scarce. Where am I to go."


"Go with us to Bremen. You understand night-music, you can be a town-musician."


The cat thought well of it, and went with them. After this the three fugitives came to a farm-yard, where the cock was sitting upon the gate, crowing with all his might.


"Your crow goes through and through one," said the donkey. "What is the matter?"


"I have been foretelling fine weather, because it is the day on which our lady washes the christ-child's little shirts, and wants to dry them," said the cock. "But guests are coming for sunday, so the housewife has no pity, and has told the cook that she intends to eat me in the soup to-morrow, and this evening I am to have my head cut off. Now I am crowing at the top of my lungs while still I can."


"Ah, but red-comb," said the donkey, "you had better come away with us. We are going to Bremen. You can find something better than death everywhere. You have a good voice, and if we make music together it must have some quality."


The cock agreed to this plan, and all four went on together. They could not reach the city of Bremen in one day, however, and in the evening they came to a forest where they meant to pass the night. The donkey and the hound laid themselves down under a large tree, the cat and the cock settled themselves in the branches. But the cock flew right to the top, where he was most safe.


Before he went to sleep he looked round on all four sides, and thought he saw in the distance a little spark burning. So he called out to his companions that there must be a house not far off, for he saw a light.


The donkey said, "If so, we had better get up and go on, for the shelter here is bad." The hound thought too that a few bones with some meat on would do him good.


So they made their way to the place where the light was, and soon saw it shine brighter and grow larger, until they came to a well-lighted robbers, house. The donkey, as the biggest, went to the window and looked in.


"What do you see, my grey-horse?" asked the cock.


"What do I see?" answered the donkey. "A table covered with good things to eat and drink, and robbers sitting at it enjoying themselves."


"That would be the sort of thing for us," said the cock.


Then the animals took counsel together how they should manage to drive away the robbers, and at last they thought of a plan. The donkey was to place himself with his fore-feet upon the window-ledge, the hound was to jump on the donkey's back, the cat was to climb upon the dog, and lastly the cock was to fly up and perch upon the head of the cat.


When this was done, at a given signal, they began to perform their music together. The donkey brayed, the hound barked, the cat mewed, and the cock crowed. Then they burst through the window into the room, shattering the glass.


At this horrible din, the robbers sprang up, thinking no otherwise than that a ghost had come in, and fled in a great fright out into the forest.


The four companions now sat down at the table, well content with what was left, and ate as if they were going to fast for a month.


As soon as the four minstrels had done, they put out the light, and each sought for himself a sleeping-place according to his nature and what suited him. The donkey laid himself down upon some straw in the yard, the hound behind the door, the cat upon the hearth near the warm ashes, and the cock perched himself upon a beam of the roof. And being tired from their long walk, they soon went to sleep.


When it was past midnight, and the robbers saw from afar that the light was no longer burning in their house, and all appeared quiet, the captain said, we ought not to have let ourselves be frightened out of our wits, and ordered one of them to go and examine the house.


The messenger finding all still, went into the kitchen to light a candle, and, taking the glistening fiery eyes of the cat for live coals, he held a lucifer-match to them to light it. But the cat did not understand the joke, and flew in his face, spitting and scratching. He was dreadfully frightened, and ran to the back-door, but the dog, who lay there sprang up and bit his leg. And as he ran across the yard by the dunghill, the donkey gave him a smart kick with its hind foot. The cock, too, who had been awakened by the noise, and had become lively, cried down from the beam, "Cock-a-doodle-doo."


Then the robber ran back as fast as he could to his captain, and said, "Ah, there is a horrible witch sitting in the house, who spat on me and scratched my face with her long claws. And by the door stands a man with a knife, who stabbed me in the leg. And in the yard there lies a black monster, who beat me with a wooden club. And above, upon the roof, sits the judge, who called out, bring the rogue here to me. So I got away as well as I could."


After this the robbers never again dared enter the house. But it suited the four musicians of Bremen so well that they did not care to leave it any more.


English translation by Margaret Hun



Later in the Day: Spring Nature Mask Craft Activity




We miss our dear children more and more each day. Please keep in touch with any questions or concerns. Send us pictures, FaceTime us: we are here for you. We hope to see many of you on our Monday Zoom calls, same time, 2:00 and 7:00, same place. Wishing you a very happy Easter.





Jennifer, Andrea, Kristen, Ashley, and Ben