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Extended Care Contract

Terms of Service

In consideration of the acceptance of the enrollment of the above child by Alabama Waldorf School, the undersigned agree(s) to pay the above-listed Extended Care tuition for the academic year in accordance with provisions of this agreement.

Extended Care charges are payable in monthly payments.

The undersigned will provide TADS with credit card or bank draft information for use in making monthly payments. Monthly tuition payments are due and payable by check, credit card, or money order directly to TADS on the date selected for tuition payments. If payments are late, Alabama Waldorf School will charge the undersigned a late fee of $50 and may require the undersigned to provide credit card or bank draft information. After a second late or missed payment, the monthly amount owed will automatically be charged by credit card or bank draft for the remainder of the academic year, using the information provided. Alabama Waldorf School may also suspend the enrollment of a child for whom tuition is not paid according to the terms of this contract, and/or declare the balance of the full Extended Care tuition herein provided immediately due and payable. The procedure for addressing late or delinquent accounts may be reviewed in the school office by any parent, guardian, or other individual responsible for payment of the child's tuition and fees.

The enrollment of the child shall be subject to all rules and regulations established by the Faculty and Board of Trustees of Alabama Waldorf School. In the event the undersigned is (are) required to leave the Birmingham, Alabama metropolitan area due to a permanent change or transfer of employment, this contract agreement may be terminated by the undersigned upon thirty days written notice to Alabama Waldorf School. This agreement shall be automatically terminated in the event of death of such child or injury or illness which, in the opinion of the attending physician conveyed in writing to the school, would prevent the attendance of such child at the above-described program for the remainder of the school year.


If the undersigned finds that they need to change the days and or hours of the Extended Care, they must sign a new contract. All Extended Care services are charged by the month. Any change (including cancellation) to a contract may incur a $25 fee to cover associated administrative costs. Extended care fees may be prepaid, but will not be refunded for any reason. Cancellation of the contract requires 30 days written notice and payment of a cancellation fee of $25.

This contract may be terminated by Alabama Waldorf School at any time and for any reason by giving written or verbal notice of termination to the undersigned.

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Alabama, and in the event that any por- tion of this agreement is declared null and void, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect. In addition, a decision by Alabama Waldorf School not to enforce any provision herein on one or more occasions shall not constitute a waiver on subsequent occasions.

All parents, guardians, or other persons responsible for payments should read the provisions of this contract, complete the required information, sign, and return the contract to Alabama Waldorf School accompanied by the non-refundable registration fee. A student is accepted for enrollment or re- enrollment only when the contract has been delivered to Alabama Waldorf School, signed and dated, and is accompanied by all appropriate fees and forms.

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