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COVID Safety Information

Updated Thursday, July 22, 2021

Fall 2021 

Masks & Social Distancing:

  • Masks are not required outdoors if social distancing is possible.

  • Masks are required indoors for anyone of 1st Grade age and older. Exceptions may be made when social distancing is possible. 

  • Preschool (Nursery & Kindergarten) students will not be required to wear masks. Please note that if you would like your younger student to wear a mask indoors, the teachers will encourage that; just let your teacher know your preference and be sure to send a mask to school for your student. (Preschool teachers will be masked indoors.)

  • Desks will be spaced 3 - 6 ft apart.

  • Desks shields will be used when dining indoors. Outdoor dining will be prioritized.

  • Tours will be in person and limited to 6 participants.

  • Campus gatherings (meetings, assemblies, etc) will be assessed on an individual basis.


Covid-19 Exposure:

If you or a family member has been exposed to COVID, you must immediately alert the school office and then be tested. Your student may not return to school unless they receive a negative test, or after quarantining for 14 days without showing symptoms.

If your child shows any signs of COVID, including fever, congestion, stomach ache, or numbness of mouth or loss of taste, please stay home, and contact the office via email or at 205-592-0541, so that we may offer guidance for how to keep our community as safe as possible. Remember that all students must be fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication in order to come to school.

If a student, faculty or staff member, or parent/guardian shows signs of illness while at AWS, we will isolate that person and have them leave the premises as soon as possible.
In the event that a case of possible or confirmed COVID-19 exposure comes to our attention, we will assess the level of exposure and risk to others using current local and CDC health guidelines. That assessment will dictate the implementation of notifications and other protocols.

In order to stay abreast of the complex and evolving situation in the United States and to exercise best practices in safeguarding our community, Alabama Waldorf School is remaining in constant communication with government and educational organizations. For the most detailed and up-to-date information on COVID-19, we encourage you to visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Alabama Department of Public Health.

We strongly advise all AWS families to follow precautions from public health officials to practice social distancing. Please email Kristin Nunnelley or call 205-592-0541 you or a family member have contracted coronavirus.


World Health Organization (WHO): This website has general information on the novel coronaviruses, a video, and an infographic about preventing the spread of viruses.
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC): This website covers symptoms and diagnosis, transmission, presentation in children, and prevention and treatment. It also has travel updates.

Jefferson County Department of Health

Alabama Department of Public Health

Johns Hopkins Interactive and Updating Outbreak Map

Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) Resources for Schools


How to talk with your children about this disease:
Explaining the News to Our Kids
How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus

From Philadelphia Waldorf School: Talking to Children About COVID-19


When should I keep my child home from school?

Do not send your child to school if you suspect they may be ill or have exhibited any of the following signs or symptoms:

  • An elevated temperature of 100 degrees or more during the last 24 hours.

  • Vomiting within the last 24 hours.

  • Repeated episodes of diarrhea within the last 24 hours.

  • Chills, loss of appetite, unusual fatigue, numbness of mouth, and/or lingering headache.

  • A significant amount of nasal discharge, particularly if the discharge is yellow or greenish in color.

  • A persistent cough.

  • A significant sore throat.

  • An earache.


If you suspect that you or your child has a serious communicable disease, you must notify the school so we can comply with reporting requirements.

Those who believe they may have been exposed to or infected with the coronavirus should seek medical care right away. Before you go to a clinic, doctor’s office, or emergency room, call ahead and tell them about your recent travel and your symptoms. Also please notify the AWS office.