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Family Association Teacher Gifts
Year-end teacher gifts are due Thursday, May 19.


Let's celebrate our amazing teachers; their creativity, compassion, and commitment to our children. It's time to make a school year-end teacher gift.


We collect money because teachers have let us know that they would specifically prefer a monetary gift in lieu of any other item. This is one of the best, most concrete ways we as the Family Association (FA) can support our amazing teachers and staff, each of whom is so committed to the academic and moral growth of our children. 


Here's how it works:


Each family contributes money to an overall "pot," which the FA Treasurer divides equally and distributes joyfully to all of the faculty and staff. Any amount is welcome.


Suggested totals by program are as follows:


Grades Core (3 pm): $60

Grades Extended (5:30 pm): $65


Preschool Core (12:30 pm): $45

Preschool Extended (3:00 pm): $50

Preschool Late Extended (5:30 pm): $55


*Consider adding $5 if your child attends Early Care (7:30 am)


Pay by Cash/Check: You may bring to the office, or place in drop boxes in the breezeway and at preschool drop off points by Thursday, May 19 in an envelope labeled "Teacher Gifts." Make checks out to AWS Family Association.


To pay by TADS: Fill out a form at the drop boxes in the breezeway or at preschool drop off points, or email Terri the request by Thursday, May 19.

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