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Morning Garden for Parents/Guardians & Little Ones
Fall 2023 Session September 9 - October 28
Saturdays, 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Alabama Waldorf School's Morning Garden program is for parents, caregivers, and their young children from birth to 3 years old. This early childhood education program offers a bridge between the child’s early life at home and their first entry into school, and offers parents companionship and support. Led by a Nursery teacher, each class will be a rhythm of play, songs, movement, crafts, snack, and conversation. Parents learn from each other, sharing life experiences and insights, while modeling for the children the joy of meaningful activity. Some topics we may discuss include how young children learn through imitation, the importance of warmth and sleep, and care and protection of the senses in the child’s early years. The Morning Garden program is an opportunity to slow down, enjoy our children and each other. 

Morning Garden has won the 2018 and 2017 Best of Birmingham's Award for "Best Mommy & Me Program," and the 2016 Best For Families Award for "Best Mommy & Me Class" in Alabama Baby & Child Magazine. The program was also a finalist for "Best Mommy & Me Program" in Birmingham Magazine's 2015 Parents' Pick Awards.














Rhythm of the Morning

Our mornings together will begin with children playing freely in the classroom while the adults are engaged with snack preparation or a simple craft project (all snacks and craft materials will be provided). The children often love to help with these activities. Later we will clean up, set the table, and then have a circle time during which we’ll learn some seasonal songs, nursery rhymes, finger plays, and simple games. We will then wash hands, sit down at our table and say a blessing thanking the earth for our food. Then we share a snack together, which usually consists of organic whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. After we’ve cleaned up the snack table we will have a short story or puppet play before singing our goodbye song.

For more information, call (205) 592-0541 or email

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