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When Children Witness Traumatic Events: Resources for Parents

Children tend to be far more resilient than adults, as they are more likely to be open about what they are thinking and feeling. They tend to process through their play. Allowing them to experience this in a safe place will help them work out their feelings.

  • Observe their play and be present to help them.

  • Maintain a safe space. They will soon feel safe again!

  • Offer calm, non-judgmental affirmations, and simple, factual answers to their questions and concerns.

  • Be aware of triggers they may experience.

  • Remember their childhood resilience will pull them through.


Below are some documents that can provide further information in specific areas:


What may happen after you experience trauma


Tips for Helping Preschool children


Tips for Parents Helping Grade-School Children


Parent Tips For Helping Adolescents


Tips For Adults Dealing With Trauma


Tips For Relaxation


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