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Get Ready for Back to School

Ms. Sadhna on playground

We can't wait to see all of your bright and shiny faces real soon for the first week of school. As you get ready to get back into the swing of things, here's what you need to know.


Water bottle, inside shoes or slippers (these should be comfortable slippers with backs, that will stay on their feet during our very active circle times), change of clothes, rain boots and raincoat. Optional but recommended: sun hat, sunblock, diapers and wipes if needed. Preschoolers staying for extended care should bring a lunch, a bed sheet and blanket for their nap cot. WHAT TO BRING FOR GRADES Grades students should bring a water bottle and lunchbox packed with a wholesome, nutritious snack and lunch to school each day. Younger Grades students may also need to bring inside shoes to school, as well as a seasonally appropriate change of clothes. All other learning materials will be provided by your child’s teacher, and are included in the school support fee. CLOTHING

Students need to wear clothes that are comfortable and simple. They need to be able to move freely and get dirty. Clothes need to be free of media characters, writing, numbers, large brand name logos and distracting images. (Let us know if you have any questions!) We will play outside each day, and physical movement is an essential component of healthy development, so students need to wear shoes to school that are comfortable and will stay on their feet when they are running and jumping. Athletic shoes or closed toe sandals with backs are best. Students must have closed toe athletic shoes for movement classes.

Kindergarten Friends


Students need a lunch box that is free from media characters and large enough to hold both snack and lunch. Young students need to eat regularly and some of them eat more than expected. They may find it useful to have snack and lunch separated so that they don't accidentally eat all of their food at snack time. They will also need a water bottle at school each day. If you need ideas for lunches, please email us or come by the office for suggestions. Because we believe that physical health is important, we ask that lunches and snacks be wholesome, nourishing foods that are not processed or prepackaged. No added sugar! Lunches often include fruits, vegetables, crackers and cheese, hummus, yogurt, sandwiches, soup and leftovers. (No juice boxes, sweets, or chocolate, please!) And remember, our entire school is a peanut-free zone. No peanuts or peanut butter.


Grades classes start promptly at 8:15 am, so your student needs to be dropped off at the classroom door between 8:05 and 8:10.

Nursery and Kindergarten classes start at 8:30 am. They will open their doors to receive your child at 8:20.

Please note that all parents and visitors must check into the office if coming to campus between the hours of 8:30 am and 3 pm. For example, if you need to drop off something for your child, or if you're picking up your child for a doctor's appointment, please stop by the office first, so as not to disrupt classes in session.

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