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AWS History

Founded in 1987, we've grown to a 25-member faculty & staff school serving 130 students, on a brand new campus.


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Meet Our Teachers

The heart of Waldorf Education is the teacher. Find out more about our amazing faculty.

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AWS Governance

As a fully accredited Waldorf School, we are part of a global grassroots organization with shared principles. Our school is governed by three local, unilateral bodies: the College of Teachers, the Family Association and the Board of Trustees.

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What is Waldorf Education?

Frequently Asked Questions about Waldorf Education

Unique Aspects of Waldorf Education — PDF download


Association of Waldorf Schools of North America


AWSNA Frequently Asked Questions

Essentials In Education Blog

Waldorf 100 - Celebrating 100 Years of Waldorf Education in 2019






Educating Children for the Journey

In this TEDX video, veteran teacher Jack Petrash presents that today's standards-driven education prevents children from being taught in a multi-dimensional way. The Waldorf approach prepares students for a future healthy social, emotional and thoughtful life.

How Waldorf Education Helps to Build a Healthy Brain

Waldorf school Administrator and former class teacher Lisa Grupe talks about how scientific research on the brain supports a Waldorf education for children. Dr. Grupe earned her PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Waldorf Schools: Education for a Child's Future

Waldorf School Founder and former class teacher Sheila Rubin talks about the long-term benefits for students who are given a Waldorf education.

Teaching 1st Grade Math Using a Waldorf Approach

In this video, former class teacher and current AWS Marketing Director Opal South speaks about some of the methods Waldorf teachers use to approach teaching all four math processes in Grade 1.

Waldorf 100 Film
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