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Alabama Waldorf School

Alabama Waldorf School teaches the whole child. Our educational approach is balanced and nurturing. Waldorf Education principles guide our teaching philosophy and daily rhythms help children to feel safe and confident.

We hold and cherish the individuality of each child, fostering their unique qualities and talents. Our dedicated community inspires creativity, develops critical thinking, and establishes a love for lifelong learning. We believe that education should reach beyond textbooks. Alabama Waldorf School's curriculum encourages children to explore the world around them, using the natural world and their social environment as gentle teachers.

Drawing from the richness of nature, our classrooms are transformed into vibrant spaces where natural materials and resources play a pivotal role. Through hands-on activities and experiences, students of all ages develop a profound appreciation for the environment and learn how to preserve and protect it.

This approach to education instills a strong sense of community among students, teachers, and parents. We believe that collaboration and mutual respect are the cornerstones of a thriving educational experience.

Our Values and Our History

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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to cultivate healthy, confident, compassionate learners who excel academically, socially, and civically.

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Our Story

In 1983, a group of Birmingham parents began discussing their children's education and their desire for a well-rounded and creative educational experience. By 1985, regular meetings of about 15 families and educators were being held at the home of Delbert and Robert Long (UAB Department of Education) to discuss focus, intentions, and plans for a new school. This school would become, what is now, Alabama Waldorf School.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Alabama Waldorf School actively repudiates racism in all its forms. As Waldorf educators, we hold the dignity of every human being at the center of our work.

Waldorf Education

Waldorf Education, at its core, began as an educational philosophy. Over time, and significantly in recent years, Waldorf Education philosophy has become more well-known. It is now supported and cherished by over 1,200 Waldorf School Communities around the world.

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