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Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf Education, recognized that the young child learns primarily through imitation and example. Alabama Waldorf School (AWS) Faculty members make a conscious effort to provide AWS students with healthy influences. To this end, the Family Association, Faculty, Administration, and Board of Trustees ask the community to make a pledge to each other and to Alabama Waldorf School to strive toward these ideals and abide by the policies and procedures in the Alabama Waldorf School’s Handbook which necessarily involves making a commitment to:

  • Monitor and limit students’ screen and media exposure, including television, computer, phone, tablet, and video games.

  • Encourage nutritious food choices to support healthy child development.

  • Protect students’ environment from commercial influences and violent images.

  • Encourage environmentally responsible use of resources to support a healthy planet.

  • Embody an ethic of non-violence.

  • Stay informed through the weekly newsletter and other AWS communication.

  • Take part in opportunities for consensus and/or mandated decision-making.

  • Be involved in community service projects.

  • Contribute to fundraisers and giving campaigns.

  • Attend parent/guardian support nights, back-to-school night, Family Association meetings, and other school-related functions.

  • Respect Alabama Waldorf School as a campus free of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and vapes.

  • Limit the use of cellphones while on school grounds and off-campus school events.

  • Honor and respect human rights and the diversity of humankind.


You can learn more about the Community Pledge from your child’s teacher. Parents/Guardians who value these principles in their hearts and live out of them in their daily lives show the most satisfaction and longevity with the school.

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